EAP Bappenas 2016 at PPB UGM

EAP Steve

Finally, after 6 months of arduous study, 44 of us (including me) have finished the EAP program. EAP stands for English for Academic Purposes and it was held by Bappenas to enhance the English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening of all students awarded by Bappenas Scholarship. One of those lucky participants was me, a simple but not-so-smart person who wishes to always be lucky.

It was a mandatory English course to elevate our English Proficiency test scores in both IELTS and TOEFL. It was a short 6-month course held in Pusat Pelatihan Bahasa UGM. Thankfully it was over and now I am preparing to undergo full 1 year study in Master degree at UGM before then I finally have to continue the study at Japan for the next 1 year (hopefully).

Here are some photos taken during the closing ceremony of EAP Program at PPB UGM 2016 :

EAP All Class

EAP Bu Niken

EAP Closing


EAP John

EAP Mbak Sari

EAP Miss Apri

EAP Mr Yose

EAP Ms Hernita


EAP Ms Marvel

EAP Ms Nana

EAP PPB Fountain

EAP PPG Fountain 2

EAP PPG Fountain 3

EAP PPG Fountain 4


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